The Art of Monetizing Your WiFi Network

Alepo Technologies Inc.
1 min readNov 24, 2023

Everyone loves WiFi. It’s inexpensive, convenient, and is available just about anywhere. There’s one hitch, though: it’s hard to monetize.

WiFi monetization is about a lot more than charging for WiFi. It means creating journeys that connect businesses to communities.

Enter Alepo.

Our complete WiFi network monetization platform affords many journeys to many business types. Used by national communication service providers, banks, and regional airports alike, our platform not only allows you to create WiFi captive portals, but also empowers you to let your affiliates to do the same.

Increasingly, people don’t want to pay for WiFi anymore. With Alepo’s platform, you can still create paid journeys, but it also offers more sophisticated means of monetization, incorporating analytics, redeemable vouchers, advertising, location-based offers, and more.

The WiFi captive portal lets you directly interact with customers before they connect to the data network — an invaluable opportunity.

You can create an unlimited number of customized offers, segmenting and targeting different customers based on various criteria — a task made easier with the data-gathering function and in-built analytics.

Using WordPress, you can custom-build your WiFi captive portal, which allows free as well as paid offers, enables contextual advertising, and lets you customize for specific locations and affiliates. To reduce operational costs, the platform can be deployed on Amazon’s Cloud (AWS).

One platform, many journeys.



Alepo Technologies Inc.

Our next-gen products and solutions include Digital BSS, 5G Core, Carrier WiFi (monetization & offload), AAA/virtualized AAA, and more.