Role of AAA in 5G and the IoT Ecosystem

Evolution of the Mobile Network

AAA Evolution

Top Ways AAA Can Help Telcos

Secure Access Control

Revenue via Service Differentiation

M2M/IoT Connectivity Management

Enhance Customer Experience

Monitor Usage and Notifications

Monetize WiFi Access

Role of AAA in 5G-IoT Ecosystem

Authenticating Slice Access

5G Slice Authentication

Authorizing Data Connectivity

Authorizing Data Network Connectivity

Multi-Service Access

Popular 5G-IoT Use Cases

Smart City

Entertainment and Gaming

Smart Home and Smart Building

Smart Manufacturing

Steps To Create A Winning Deployment


Open Standards

AAA Transformation

Digital BSS


Our next-gen products and solutions include Digital BSS, 5G Core, Carrier WiFi (monetization & offload), AAA/virtualized AAA, and more.