Build a private 5G network for enterprise clients with Alepo solution

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1 min readMay 24, 2023

Private 5G networks will revolutionize the way enterprises do business. It will transform industries like retail, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, energy and utilities, entertainment, logistics, and many others. And Alepo can help you to be part of their change.

What is Private 5G? It’s exactly what the name suggests: it’s a secure and dedicated “private” network with next-gen capabilities.

Alepo’s Compact Core lets service providers rapidly deploy #private5G for enterprise clients. These enterprises can then swiftly launch diverse high-value #5GUseCases.

The Compact Core ensures that enterprise networks are highly scalable so they can meet constantly increasing demands of data capacity and speed. It enables a high level of flexibility, and because it provides a low resource footprint, it can be swiftly deployed.

Alepo provides key components of the 5G Core and has formed strategic ecosystem partnerships with industry leaders to deliver an end-to-solution.

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