Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) Infrastructure

Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) infrastructure gives Communications Service Providers (CSPs) the ability to control the way their subscribers access and consume IP data services on 3GPP mobile, WiFi, and wireline networks.

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The process of authentication matches a subscriber’s credential from its database to the input provided during sign in, in order to validate access to the network. Next, authorization helps determine what each user is permitted to so, and accordingly, while they access the network they are assigned limitations and/or special permissions, such as data limits, speed or time caps, or restrictions based on the time of day. Accounting helps calculate and record how much data a user has consumed, and keeps track of usage in terms of the length of time the networks were accessed, or how much data was used.

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AAA Server enables CSPs to create and deliver customer-centric offerings. Statistics show that data usage has increased exponentially over the years, thus calling for a robust AAA Server to accommodate the need for greater network capacity. Further, as the number of users grows, so do their needs, and it is more important than ever for operators to offer innovative, differentiated services to gain an edge over the competition.

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Today’s advanced AAA Server allows operators to enhance customer experience with real-time policy control and quota management. They can, for instance, offer real-time updates to subscribers regarding their usage, and redirect them to renew plans as soon as they exceed their data limit or the operator’s fair use limits, allowing them to continue without disrupting the session. Similarly, when a new user tries to connect to a WiFi network, they can be directed to the purchase page. While offering customers quicker updates, the ability to make mid-session changes, auto-redirecting for troubleshooting, and so on, operators are able to keep a tight control on data consumption.

Our next-gen products and solutions include Digital BSS, 5G Core, Carrier WiFi (monetization & offload), AAA/virtualized AAA, and more.