Alepo Mobile Data Gifting Solution

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1 min readJul 3, 2023

Mobile communication is indispensable, with customers leading more digital lifestyles. There’s an influx of data-centric devices like smartphones and a steady stream of data-hungry apps being introduced in the market.

This means one thing: customers need and want data all the time.

For mobile network operators to keep their customers happy, they need to consistently offer their customers ways to ensure they always have access to data usage. One way of ensuring this is to enable data gifting, so that subscribers can get an instant top-up from their friends and family even when their data runs out.

Alepo’s Mobile Data Gifting Solution lets subscribers gift their spare balances to other subscribers.

From the subscriber perspective, it boosts customer experience and ensures uninterrupted usage.

For operators, too, the solution provides a host of benefits.

It drives data adoption without significantly degrading margins, improves customer loyalty and satisfaction, lets operators apply monetary or non-monetary surcharges for transfers, and more.

To learn about the solution’s capabilities, components, benefits, and use cases, download the solution brief:

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